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Automate invoice management with accounts payable software

Do away with that stack of paper invoices for good. Notch’s accounts payable automation software helps you process invoices in minutes not hours, and automatically syncs accurate data with your accounting and inventory systems.
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Trusted by 1,000+ businesses in North America

Reimagine how you process invoices with accounts payable automation


Scan and store invoices from


Automate cash aplication in your accounting system


Automate GL coding in your accounting system


Dual-sync data with accounting, ERP and IMS software


Push payments and pay our invoices via credit card, EFT/ACH and PAD

Accounts payable automation software for
all industries

Managing orders and processing invoices can take you away from other important duties involved with running your business.
Accounts payable automation can help you turn invoicing into a side duty, for good.

Invoice management

Digitize your paper invoices

Digitize your paper invoices by snapping a photo, with automatic entries sent to your inventory system and accounting platforms. You’ll always have access to a digital, up-to-date record of all bills paid and outstanding invoices.

  • Upload your invoice by taking a photo with OCR scanning
  • On-demand access to an up-to-date digital record of invoices and bills
  • Automatically match items to your GL codes

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Accounts payable automation

Schedule payments so you’re never past due

Pay your suppliers directly and securely with a few clicks all in one place. Automate and schedule payments in relation to your due dates and personal terms, so you never pay late.

  • Securely store payment information
  • Automate payments on a schedule
  • Set role-based permissions for payments and approvals

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Accounting software integrations

Automatically sync with your accounting and inventory systems

Data is synced between systems as updates are made, ensuring your data in all your systems reflects any change you make. Your items are matched to your GL codes automatically, ensuring everything that syncs is instantly actionable.

  • Automated invoice management
  • On-demand record of invoices and bills
  • Embedded payment links

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Customer story

Oliver & Bonacini reduced labour costs and got chefs back on the front lines with Notch

After bringing on Notch and its integration with Optimum Control to its locations, the benefits of the combined solutions for O&B have been amplified.

Streamlined and centralized ordering, connected automatically to accurate, and robust inventory management. Learn how.

Streamline your accounting operations
with AR and AP in one platform

Want to automate accounts receivables for your customers?
Consolidate your accounting automation in one platform with Notch.

Discover accounts receivable automation

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payable automation

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Frequently asked questions about Notch's accounts payble automation platform.

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What systems does Notch integrate with?

Notch has several accounts payable accounting integrations, including QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop, Sage Intacct, Xero, and Big Chip.

See all Notch’s integrations here

How does Notch integrate with accounting systems?

Notch syncs with your accounting system to reconcile outstanding invoices, bills paid and cash applications. With Notch’s accounting automation, you’ll spend less time manually updating your accounting systems and can count on accurate, up-to-date data.

Learn more Notch’s dual-sync feature here.

What payment methods can Notch process?

Notch offers competitive payment processing rates for credit cards (Visa, Mastercard and Amex) and EFTs (T+1 processing time). 

Learn more about Notch’s payments platform here.

Is it safe to store customer payment information with Notch?

At Notch, the safety and security of your data is paramount. We securely store payment information in accordance with PCI compliance.

How much does Notch cost?

Notch uses tiered-based pricing based on your usage of the product. Because we know the food and beverage industry is prone to seasonal fluctuations in demand, this ensures you’re paying for how much you use Notch and not overpaying when business is slow.

I would advocate for this technology to anyone in our industry who is still putting pen to paper. While we still do business the old-fashioned way, we’re using technology to help us do our jobs quicker and less administratively.

Stacey Weisberg
President, The Butcher Shoppe

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