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Turn revenue into cash with receivables automation.
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Streamline Your Operations and Improve Cash Collection

Focus on growing your business instead of your accounting workload.


Reduction in manual processes around credit card processing, data entry, followups and cash application.


Improvement in DSO, freeing up significant capital for their businesses to invest in growth.

“ Notch has freed up an unbelievable amount of time.”

Stacey Weisberg
President of The Butcher Shoppe
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Improved customer experience

Keep Your Customer Service, Skip the Chasing

You’ve built a business around great customer service, enhance it further with improved communication and streamlined processes.
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  • Automate billing, charging and chasing so you can focus on the more meaningful interactions with your customers. 
  • With real-time updates and cash application directly to your favorite ERP or accounting system, you will never lose track of account status.
  • Improved payment options mean customers can choose how they want to pay and even sign up for auto-collect on due dates.
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Automate your process with ease

Connect your ERP/Accounting Platform
Sync Customers
Auto-Collect Payments
Sync Cash Application to ERP/Accounting
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Integrate, not replace

Seamless Integration into Your Processes and Systems

Notch can integrate seamlessly into all major accounting and ERP systems. Automate everything from invoice delivery to accounts receivable collections so your team can focus on strategic activities.
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Microsoft Dynamics 365
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Accelerate Cash Flow with Complete Payment Options

Allow customers to pay how they want, while you keep your cash flow optimized. 

Payment Methods

Self serve ACH, direct debit and credit card payments

Auto Collect

Offer customized auto-collect to automatically collect from customers on their terms

Custom Terms

Customize terms and payment schedules to match each relationship

Customizable and Secure

Built from the ground up to integrate modern accounts receivable technology into customer-centric, operations-heavy, and hospitality-focused businesses.
Payment Methods
Self serve ACH, direct debit and credit card payments
Increase Security
Store customer payment details with world-class security
Provide tailored auto-collection options to match customers' preferences
Improve Compliance
Comply with all local payment handling and processing regulations
Custom Terms
Customize terms and payment schedules to match each relationship
Reduce Risk
Lower risk of fraud and costly errors by securely automating the handling of customer data
The Butcher Shoppe Transformed their Accounts Receivable with Notch and reduced 80% of their manual processes, while bringing more cash in.
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