Accounts Receivable Software

Automate your accounts receivable process

Notch’s receivables software helps you increase on-time payments with scheduled pull payments, reduce costs with competitive payment processing fees, and limit manual work with automated invoice follow-ups.
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Trusted by brands all over Canada

Reimagine your workflow
with accounts receivable automation


Integrate with your ERP
or accounting system


Send invoices & embedded
payment links


Auto-collect scheduled
payments online


Sync AR payments with
accounting system


Send automated payment

Receivables automation that saves you time & money

Accounts receivables can be a time suck for your accounting team. Take time back knowing Notch is keeping
money moving and sending accurate AR data back to your accounting system with receivables automation.

Schedule pull payments

Trust you’ll have reliable cashflow with pull payments

Securely store payment information digitally for on-time processing. Enable scheduled payments on a set frequency so you and your customers know when payment is being pulled.

  • Digital payment methods
  • Scheduled pull payments
  • Safely store payment info

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Accounts receivable automation

Reduce AR labour hours spent on manual follow-ups and collections

Your accounting team is spending hours collecting and tracking down payments. Let your team do what humans do best and let Notch automate the rest, then watch the time spent on manual AR tasks drop significantly.

  • Dunning automation
  • Auto-send payment reminders
  • Credit card expiry reminders

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On-demand statement of accounts

Stay organized with an up-to-date, accurate record of invoices

Both you and your customers can access an up-to-date, on-demand statement of accounts with outstanding invoices and bills paid. Never manually issue a statement of accounts again.

  • Automated invoice management
  • On-demand record of invoices and bills
  • Embedded payment links

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Accounting integrations

Integrate seamlessly with your ERP and accounting systems

Notch automatically sends real-time updates and cash application directly to your ERP or accounting system, so you’ll never lose track of an account’s status.

  • Quickbooks Online
  • Netsuite
  • Optimum Control

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Customer story

Butcher Shoppe reduced manual processes by 80% with accounts receivable automation

In less than a month, The Butcher Shoppe eliminated manual credit card processing, deployed three staff to higher-value work, and positively impacted its cash flow. Learn how.

Streamline your accounting operations
with AR and AP in one platform

Want to automate accounts payables to your own suppliers?
Consolidate your accounting automation in one platform with Notch.

Discover accounts payable automation
Free downloadable guide

Accounts Receivable Guide: 6 Ways to Increase On-Time Payments and Improve Cash Flow

  • Reducing days sales outstanding
  • Shortening cash conversion cycle
  • Enhancing financial planning and analysis (FP&A) function
  • Saving time and money in AR processes
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Learn more about accounts
receivable automation

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Frequently asked questions about Notch's accounts receivable automation platform.

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What system does Notch integrate with?

Notch has several accounts receivable accounting integrations, including QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop, Fidelio, NetSuite, Spire, and Food Decision Software.

See all Notch’s integrations here

How does Notch integrate with accounting systems?

Notch syncs with your accounting system to send bills paid, outstanding invoices, and collections data. With Notch’s accounting automation, you’ll spend less time manually updating your accounting systems and can count on accurate, up-to-date data.

Learn more Notch’s dual-sync feature here.

What payment methods can Notch process?

Notch offers competitive payment processing rates for credit cards (Visa, Mastercard and Amex) and EFTs (T+1 processing time). 

Learn more about Notch’s payments platform here.

Is it safe to store customer payment information with Notch?

At Notch, the safety and security of your data is paramount. We securely store payment information in accordance with PCI compliance.

How much does Notch cost?

Notch uses tiered-based pricing based on your usage of the product. Because we know the food and beverage industry is prone to seasonal fluctuations in demand, this ensures you’re paying for how much you use Notch and not overpaying when business is slow.

I would advocate for this technology to anyone in our industry who is still putting pen to paper. While we still do business the old-fashioned way, we’re using technology to help us do our jobs quicker and less administratively.

Stacey Weisberg
President, The Butcher Shoppe

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