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March 17, 2022

RC Show Spotlight: 6 Food and Beverage Suppliers to Watch in 2022

RC Show Spotlight: 6 Food and Beverage Suppliers to Watch in 2022

With restrictions winding down, the energy across the foodservice and hospitality industry is up. Restaurants are finally seeing high traffic and improved spending from their guests, and sales are forecast to continue improving across Canada.

So as we head into a busy summer season, maybe you’re looking to add something new and on-trend to your restaurant business, to keep diners rushing through your door. And we have some ideas.

If you missed this year’s Restaurants Canada Show in Toronto, we’ve got you covered with raving reviews of suppliers offering the latest and greatest in food, beverages and supplies that will up your restaurant’s game this summer.

Our team kept an eye out for unique offerings for restaurants from suppliers at the show - here are our 6 best discoveries (plus where you can find them online)!

Bae Greens

Organic Microgreens by Toronto supplier

Local supply chains are trending - and for good reason. Lengthy supply chains are responsible for 18% of emissions in foodservice - which is why we love that Bae Greens grows their microgreens in the heart of Toronto!

The Bae Microgreen Mix is perfect for your summer salads and fresh burger toppings. Not only are their microgreens delicious (as tested by our team), they’re 100% organic and jam-packed with nutrients.

For chefs, Bae Greens harvests the day of delivery so you’ll be confident you’re receiving the freshest produce!  

Order here.

The Very Good Butchers

Quality vegan meat in front of fridge

With many reducing their meat intake, plant-based dishes just keep growing in popularity. You probably have options on your menu, but maybe you’ve avoided using meat alternatives in your dishes thinking they’re overly-processed - and that’s what founders of The Very Good Butchers’ thought too.

Good news - these experienced chefs set out to prove meat alternatives can be delicious and natural by making their own - and they succeeded! With unique offerings like plant-based ribs, bacon, and smoked salmon, these substitutes can transform almost any dish into a plant-based option.

We can confirm their taco stuffer and sausages are inexplicably and deliciously meat-tasting and easy to cook! Don’t just take our word for it though - check out the rave reviews on their website too.

Check them out here.

London Ice Cream

Dill Pickle Ice Cream.

If this isn’t a nationwide food trend yet, we think it should be. London Ice Cream has 120 deliciously unconventional ice cream flavours that should definitely be on your restaurant’s dessert menu in time for the summer heat.

London Ice Cream makes their ice cream batch by batch the old fashioned way - every tub is packed by hand to ensure quality.

The best-selling flavours that give the restaurants and scoop shops who carry them a cult-following? St. Jacobs Apple Pie, Chicago Mix, and Georgian Bay Cheesecake, and of course, Sweet Dilly of Pickle. These flavours that will get your guests talking - and keep them talking - because it’s that good.

Order here.


Another notable trend this year was the growth in the non-alcoholic beverage sector.  

Guests are ordering more drinks that provide the experience of a cocktail - without the alcohol. And a refreshing choice to add to your drink menu is Sapsucker!

Sapsucker isn’t your average sparkly - it’s organic, sparkling tree water tapped in Canada, containing 46 naturally occurring minerals, vitamins & antioxidants. With subtle bubble and hints of sweetness, it’s a delicious and versatile choice that can be served on its own or used as a mixer.

Their newest spring flavour ‘The Peach One’ is a crowd-pleaser (tried and true).

Find them here!

SoFi Straws  

Paper straws - everyone is using them. Pros: they’re better for the environment than plastic and you’re saving the turtles (and other wildlife). Cons: they can disintegrate quickly in your guests' drinks. Lucky for you, we found a vendor that makes paper straws that don’t suck (but still suck - you get it).

SOFi Straws was founded by brothers on a mission to create compostable and eco-friendly straws that are still durable and will empower businesses to alter their purchasing decisions for sustainability - without compromising guest experience.

Say goodbye to soggy straws ruining cocktails this summer.

Order here.

Mirvik Group Uniforms

Everyone loves a little swag. Plus, a strong brand shows off your restaurant’s personality, boosting your memorability and recognition. If you are looking for a way to show off your restaurant brand now that indoor and outdoor dining are in full swing this season, this is the vendor for you.

Mirvik Uniforms is a hub for beautifully designed custom uniforms and merchandise that will have your staff excited to represent your brand. From premium aprons and water resistant chef coats, to hats, glassware, and uniform basics, Mirvik unites marketing with custom designs that will bring your vision to life. They also offer in-depth consultations for those looking for more unique pieces, to get to know your brand and advise on trends.  

Get a quote here.

We hope you loved these supplier and vendor recommendations from our time at the RC Show!

Anyone cool you met at the show, or unique suppliers you’ve noticed on the foodservice scene lately?

Tell us on Instagram!

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