August 9, 2018

24 Ways to Cut Costs Without Cutting Corners in your Restaurant

24 Ways to Cut Costs Without Cutting Corners in your Restaurant

No one will ever say running a restaurant is easy. And one of the hardest parts, owners and managers will know, is keeping costs low enough to make a healthy profit.

Luckily, there are tons of easy changes you can make to cut costs.

Employ a few of them, and the cost savings will add up quickly.

The solutions offered below range from no-brainers to more nuanced approaches that allow you to cut the fat while keeping the flavor that makes your business shine. The great thing about these humble suggestions: many of them support your bottom-line and the planet.

With customers more health conscious and environmentally-focused than ever before, we’ve focused on pulling together cost-cutting measures that meet your customers where they are while also improving your profit margins.

One tip: be patient and roll out these changes over time.

It’s easy to take on too much and overwhelm your staff with big shifts that they’re not quite ready to implement (since that burden falls on them). Get a good understanding of which solutions you think are best for your business (such as rethinking your supply chain or reducing portion sizes) and prioritize accordingly.

Also think about timing.

What makes the most sense for where you are as business, with training your staff, and in terms of building a strong base of customers? Consider these questions when taking on these big changes and set yourself up for success in this tough but rewarding industry.

Discover our top suggestions in the graphic below!

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