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March 20, 2022

9 Foodservice Podcasts That Aren't All Business

9 Foodservice Podcasts That Aren't All Business

The foodservice and hospitality industry is fast paced - whether you’re on the restaurant or distribution side of things. Not only is the industry constantly adapting, but the nature of careers within the industry are often high-speed and high-stress, no matter what role you are in.

With long shifts averaging 12 hours, it’s difficult to find the time to read up on news, much less to find the time to unwind and destress.

Podcast benefits for foodservice.

While podcasts are often talked about as a great way to stay up to date with foodservice industry trends and expert business tips on the go, a less considered benefit of podcasts is how content can actually help you to manage your anxieties and challenges.

Podcasts can help individuals to channel their emotions, through listening to relatable experience or personal advice from industry leaders. Hearing about other people’s day to day experiences and connecting to them, allows one to feel less alone. And tuning into stories of both the successes and failures of chefs and restaurateurs can serve as a reminder that others have borne similar burdens.

Plus, humor can lower levels of cortisol, so listening to something funny is ideal for stress reduction.

Ultimately, podcasts are beneficial for those in the foodservice industry, as not only do they serve as a great resource for industry news and trends, but they’re an accessible way to feel appreciated, inspired, and entertained. And this reassurance can help offset some of the stress of a long shift.

We’ve found 9 restaurant and foodservice podcasts that aren’t all business.

These are full of relatable stories and entertaining interviews - perfect for a laugh during prep, an inspiring back office listen, or a chance to unwind after a long shift. Read on!

For a Relatable Listen

Line Cook Thoughts

This podcast series shares stories from food industry workers, with the goal of being a voice to discuss themes around foodservice work environment, and lifestyle. From episodes on career advice, to coping with industry changes, and managing your mental health, Line Cook Thoughts will leave you with tons of food for thought and feelings of mutual support.

Our pick:  Episode 116 - What Society Doesn’t Understand about people in Foodservice

Restaurant Tales

This podcast celebrates the daily struggles and joys of working in the restaurant industry. Hosted by three friends with years of foodservice experience, and special guests each episode, get ready to hear everything from relatable shift stories, to crazy kitchen confessions. It’s always a good time!  

Our Pick: Episode 48 - Songs About Rain (Restaurant Flooding, and Holding Your Pee)

Legends and Lies of Launching a Restaurant

“Opening a restaurant is the most insane, most intensely difficult and most rewarding experience of your life.” And that’s what this podcast hosted by Chef Tobie Nidetz and his 50+ years of industry experience is all about. Episodes cover everything you might consider when operating a restaurant - think from menu writing, to pest control. If you’re an owner/operator, you’re sure to relate to these stories and interviews and be reminded you aren’t alone with your challenges.

Our Pick: A Guy with A Plan

For Your Inspiration

Focus on Health: Not 9 to 5 Episodes

Focus on Health advocates for health and wellness in the food and beverage sector. Their podcast series features two amazing episodes with Ariel Coplan and Hassel Aviles - founders of Not 9 to 5, a non-profit organization empowering hospitality, food and beverage service workers by mobilizing support and education surrounding mental health in the industry.  Episode 15 and 11 unpack the “oui chef” mentality, kitchen status quo, and supporting mental health. Whether you’re doing some reflection or educating yourself, these are a must listen.

Our Pick: Episode 11 - Ariel Coplan & Episode 15 - Hassel Avil

Radio Cherry Bombe

Celebrating women in the food industry, this podcast features interviews with the most interesting people in the world of food, integrating themes of feminism and equality. Each week, host Kerry Diamond, founder and editor of Cherry Bombe, talks to the chefs, bakers, creatives, and entrepreneurs who are revolutionizing the industry. You’re sure to feel inspired.

Our Pick: Chefs Lana Lagomarsini and Nana Wilmot Are Redefining Fine Dining

For a Good Time

Dine & Dash Radio Show

Congregating in the kitchen for this podcast, Matt Dean Pettit, Jeff Cole and producer Dan Wong introduce some astounding Chefs, Entrepreneurs, Bartenders, Restaurants and Recipes that are the engine of the food and hospitality industry! Dine & Dash revels in food, and the people who have made the business of food their livelihood. And it’s a kitchen party every episode!

Our Pick: Episode 24: Tequila Dreams & Movie Star Magic!


On this podcast, Vancouver-based restaurant industry pros Tony and Sam get tipsy and talk about everything from working in the service industry to food & drinks, celebrity crushes, travel and life’s greatest questions. While the series is no longer posting weekly, these guys’ stories don’t get old!

Our Pick: Episode 19 - Forgetting Orders and Missing Busses

For Industry News (That's Entertaining)

The Restaurant Report

Maybe you know about this podcast, but if you don’t you should - The Restaurant Report is one of the longest running foodservice podcast series, hosted by award-winning journalists and podcasters. If you’re looking to stay up to date and entertained, this podcast is a great resource to get interesting weekly stories, insights and insider knowledge in 20 minutes!

Our Pick: Episode 199 - Crypto Impact on Restaurants - Fresh Mex Moves and McD Goes All in on Podcasts.

RB Daily

Short but sweet, this daily podcast by Restaurant Business Online is a quick delivery of  restaurant news in 3-5 minutes, every weekday. If you’re looking to stay in the know on the top interesting stories without being overwhelmed, this is a staple for you.

Our Pick from this Week:  Pork, pricing power, Applebee’s

We hope you love these podcast recommendations! 

Whether you unwind with entertainment, reflection, advice, or inspiration, there’s content for everyone - from back of house staff, to servers, to operators.

Happy listening!

Taylor Veres
Digital Marketing Coordinator

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