February 20, 2019

The Hottest Food Trends in Every State and Province 2019

The Hottest Food Trends in Every State and Province 2019

From Alabama to Wyoming, which state is the most on-trend when it comes to food?

Consumer tastes are constantly changing, and every state (and province of Canada) has one ingredient or dish that guests are searching for.

We looked at data from Google Trends over all 12 months to find out the fastest-growing searches for “Cooking & Recipes” in each U.S. state and Canadian province.

Then, we analyzed the results that were specific dishes or ingredients to land on the hottest food trend for each state and province. A few foods, like jackfruit and charcuterie boards, ranked highest in multiple states. Keep an eye out for those, because they may be up and coming to your state, as well.

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The Hottest Food Trends in Every State

These are the foods that people are searching for in each state or province.

This is a great opportunity for restaurants to entice people to come through your doors by offering what their guests what they’re searching for. Offer these dishes as specials on your menu, promote them on your social channels and make sure to add them to the menu on your website, so that your restaurant shows up when people in the area search for these foods.

People are already searching for them, so let those searches lead them straight to a mouthwatering new menu item at your restaurant.

Alabama: Charcuterie

Alabama knows the power of a good charcuterie board. Prepared meats and cheeses are the perfect no-fuss snack, which is why they’re popping up on appetizer and bar menus all over the country. In Alabama, searches for “charcuterie” were up 60 percent in 2018, so more people must be on the lookout for this tasty snack.

Alaska: Hamburger Soup

Alaska’s winter weather is perfect for soup. All the better if it’s a hearty hamburger soup, made with ground beef and all the veggies you can fit in the pot. In 2018, searches in Alaska for “hamburger soup” jumped 450 percent, making it easily the hottest food trend in the state all year.

Arizona: Spatchcock Chicken

Roasting a chicken and getting all the different parts cooked through while keeping them moist can be tricky. Spatchcocking the bird, or cutting it in a certain way so you can lay everything out flat to cook evenly, is a great technique loved by seasoned chefs and kitchen newbies alike. Arizona was all about spatchcocking in 2018, when searches for “spatchcock chicken” rose by 130 percent.

Arkansas: Fried Oreos

A longtime state fair staple, battered and fried oreos are a warm and gooey treat that’s been popping up on restaurant menus more and more in recent years. And for good reason — the melty, fried dessert is both nostalgic and delicious. People in Arkansas clearly can’t get enough of them; searches for “fried oreos” jumped 1,300% in 2018.

California: Birra

California has always been the place to find the best Mexican food north of the border. In 2018, Californians couldn’t get enough of birria, a spicy stew native to the Mexican state of Jalisco. Searches for “birria” jumped 50 percent in California in 2018, making it the state’s trendiest food of the year.

Colorado: Chicharrones

When most people think of chicharrones, they think pork rinds. What most people don’t know is that this flavorful, low-carb snack can also be made with pork belly, chicken, beef or mutton. It’s the perfect Keto-friendly food, and that means it’s no surprise health-conscious Coloradans were all about chicharrones in 2018; searches in the state jumped 80 percent last year.

Connecticut: Empanadas

Empanadas, baked or fried pastries filled with meat, cheeses, veggies or even fruit, might just be the perfect food. They’re traditional in many Hispanic countries, and they’re the hottest food trend right now in Connecticut, where searches for “empanadas” jumped 70 percent in 2018.

Washington, D.C: Boquerones

D.C.’s trendiest food is likely to be a surprise: Boquerones, or marinated white anchovies. They’re a popular small dish in Spain, and for adventurous eaters, these salty, vingary bites make a delicious bar snack. Searches for “boquerones” in D.C. jumped 350 percent, so don’t just trust us, trust the many people in Washington who are on the lookout for this fish dish.

Delaware: Peruvian Chicken

Delawareans looking to spice up their chicken game looked to Peruvian flavors, from tangy cilantro sauce to creamy huancaina, a deeply flavorful sauce made with local yellow peppers. Searches for “Peruvian chicken” spiked by 2,250 percent in Delaware, so if you’re looking for a trendy meal, a taste of Peru might be in order.

Florida: Baked Cod

Floridians went back to their roots in 2018, going for a simple, flavorful seafood prepared in one of the healthiest possible ways. Searches for “baked cod” were up 50 percent in 2018, making this simple fish dish one of the trendiest foods in the Sunshine State.

Georgia: Jackfruit

Jackfruit, the miracle tree that reportedly can produce up to three tons of fruit in a single year, made a lot of headlines in recent years. In Georgia, people are embracing the South Indian fruit and its ability to be used in sweet or savory dishes depending on its ripeness. Searches for “jackfruit” jumped 40 percent in Georgia, meaning residents of this southern state are all over this healthy trend.

Hawaii: Jackfruit

Georgia isn’t the only state where people can’t get enough of jackfruit. Searches for it spiked by 140 percent in Hawaii, meaning people there are definitely saying “Aloha” to this trendy Indian fruit.

Idaho: Baba Ganoush

In the rural state of Idaho, you might think you’d be hard pressed to find good Mediterranean fare. But the trendiest food there of late is baba ganoush, a creamy, hummus-like dip made from pressed eggplant and olive oil. Idahoans saw searches for “baba ganoush” jump 1,850 percent in 2018.

Illinois: Jerk Chicken

Illinoisans looking for a spicy new dish turned to jerk chicken in 2018. Jerk marinades and spice rubs originated in Jamaica, and they’re sure to add a kick to any chicken dish. Searches in Illinois for “jerk chicken” jumped by 70 percent last year.

Indiana: Stuffed Pepper Soup

Stuffed bell peppers have been a trendy, healthy dinner option nationwide for some time. But what about taking those same ingredients and mixing them into a soup? That’s what Indiana is into lately, with searches for “stuffed pepper soup” jumping 100 percent in 2018.

Iowa: Cheesy Hashbrowns

Iowa is in the center of the midwest, where comfort food has always reigned supreme. That’s why it’s no surprise that the state is home to a warm, cheesy trending dish: cheesy hash browns. Searches for this trendy food spiked 150 percent in 2018.

Kansas: Charcuterie

Like Alabama, Kansas loves a salty array of cured meats, cheeses, preserved fruits and other tasty finger foods. Charcuterie is the hottest food trend there, with searches jumping by 130 percent in 2018.

Kentucky: Falafel

Kentucky is no stranger to delicious fried foods. But lately, the trendiest food in the state is a fried staple from a completely different side of the world: Falafel. Searches for these deep-fried chickpea-based treats increased by 90 percent in the Bluegrass state.

Louisiana: Charcuterie

As you can see, charcuterie is having a major, coast-to-coast movement. It’s popping up as the trendiest food in a number of states, including Louisiana, where searches in 2018 jumped by 130 percent.

Maine: Gumbo

Gumbo is no longer just for the south. The northernmost continental state is all about this sausage-and-seafood Creole spiced stew. In Maine, searches for “gumbo” jumped 300 percent last year.

Maryland: Hot Pot

In Maryland, the hottest food trend is hot pot, a method of Chinese cooking in which diners simmer meats, vegetables and dumplings in a pot of strong broth. Searches for “hot pot” in Maryland increased by 60 percent last year, meaning this fondue-like dish is having a serious moment.

Massachusetts: Baked Chicken Thighs

They must be doing a lot of meal prepping in Massachusetts, because baked chicken thighs took the top spot for food trends in the state last year after a 40 percent increase in searches. It’s a versatile choice, since chicken thighs tend to stay moister than breasts, and you can dress them up virtually any way you want.

Michigan: Broccoli Salad

Creamy broccoli salad is on trend in Michigan, where it saw search increases of 60 percent in 2018. A longtime potluck staple, modern versions of broccoli salad can be dressed up with everything from pine nuts to bacon to cranberries to pomegranate seeds, making it a delicious and versatile side dish.

Minnesota: Wagyu Beef

Minnesotans apparently want the best in their beef, because the state’s hottest food trend right now is Wagyu beef, a highly marbled, tender and expensive selection of cuts from Japanese cattle. Searches for “wagyu beef” jumped 180 percent in Minnesota throughout 2018.

Mississippi: Chicken Tortilla Soup

In Mississippi, a comforting taste from south of the border is on trend. Searches for “chicken tortilla soup” increased by 120 percent in the state last year.

Missouri: Osso Bucco

Osso bucco is a classic dish, made of veal cuts braised in wine with vegetables. In Missouri, it’s been resurrected as a modern favorite after a 170 percent increase in searches.

Montana: Frog Eye Salad

No, this dish contains no actual frog eyes. Frog eye salad is a sweet, custardy fruit dish made with couscous, which gives it its “frog eye” appearance. It’s popular at barbecues, and, currently, the hottest food trend in Montana. Montanans’ searches for “frog eye salad” increased by 3,150 percent in 2018.

Nebraska: Kimchi

Kimchi, a side dish made from salted and fermented cabbage and vegetables, is a staple in Korean food culture. In Nebraska, it’s the current hottest food trend, after a 70 percent increase in searches in 2018.

Nevada: Mediterranean Food

Nevada is home to Las Vegas, one of the culinary capitals of the world. There’s no shortage of international fare in the city, but statewide, people can’t get enough of Mediterranean food. After a 110 percent increase in searches, this is the trendiest food in Nevada right now.

New Hampshire: Goulash

Eastern European fare is having a moment in New Hampshire, where goulash, a paprika-spiced stew, is the hottest food trend right now. In New Hampshire, “goulash” saw a 180 percent jump in searches in 2018.

New Jersey: Ricotta Cookies

The people of New Jersey must have a sweet tooth — it’s one of the only states where the hottest food trend is a dessert. Ricotta cookies, a creamy italian pastry, topped the list of searched-for foods in Jersey, with a 60 percent increase in searches in 2018.

New Mexico: Philly Steaks

Pennsylvania no longer has a monopoly on Philly steaks. These cheesy, savory sandwiches have gained popularity in New Mexico, where after a 300 percent increase in online searches, they’re now the state’s hottest food trend.

New York: Spanakopita

There’s certainly no shortage of diverse dining options in New York, home of one of the largest and most diverse cities in the world. So it comes as no surprise that New Yorkers love them some savory Greek pastry. Flaky, spinach-filled spanakopita is the state’s hottest food trend after a 40 percent increase in searches.

North Carolina: Chili

North Carolinians clearly want something warm, savory and comforting to eat. Chilli, a classic comfort food, is the state’s hottest food trend, with a 50 percent increase in searches in 2018.

North Dakota: Wagyu Beef

In North Dakota, diners have a taste for the best in beef: Wagyu, the super-marbled, expensive cuts from Japan. Searches for “Wagyu beef” were up 1,050 percent in North Dakota last year, making this the hottest food trend in the state.

Ohio: Mofongo

In Ohio, diners have a taste for a savory Puerto Rican dish made from fried plantains. Mofongo is the hottest food trend in Ohio, after seeing searches increase by 70 percent in 2018.

Oklahoma: Dragon Fruit

People who have visited tropical places already know how delicious dragon fruit can be in a smoothie or a fruit salad. In Oklahoma, locals are falling in love with this sweet, tropical fruit — searches for “dragon fruit” in Oklahoma increased 130 percent last year, making it the hottest food trend in the state.

Oregon: Shakshuka

Oregonians love their brunch, so it’s hardly a surprise that Shakshuka is having a moment in the state right now. This spicy Mediterranean tomato stew with eggs baked in it makes a fantastic, savory breakfast. Searches for “shakshuka” increased in Oregon by 200 percent last year, making this the state’s trendiest dish of the moment.

Pennsylvania: Jackfruit

Pennsylvania is the fourth state (alongside Georgia, Hawaii and Virginia) to embrace jackfruit as a trend. It’s an ecologically sustainable food, and it makes a great vegan or vegetarian meat substitute. It’s easy to see why searches increased for “jackfruit” by 60 percent in Pennsylvania, and this is the hottest food trend in yet another state.

Rhode Island: Soba Noodles

Japanese buckwheat noodles, called soba noodles, are huge in Rhode Island right now. The state saw a 120 percent increase for searches for “soba noodles” in 2018, making them the hottest food trend in the state right now.

South Carolina: Wagyu Beef

Several states are loving Wagyu beef right now, and you can add South Carolina to that list. South Carolinians searched for “Wagyu beef” 110 percent more in 2018 than past years.

South Dakota: Lychee

Tropical fruits are huge right now in multiple states, and that includes South Dakota, where the hottest food trend of the moment is lychee. A type of tree berry, lychees are sweet, tart, and totally delicious. Searches for “lychee” increased by 1,950 percent in South Dakota.

Tennessee: Charcuterie Board

Tennesseans must love to host their friends, because the state’s hottest food trend is the charcuterie board, a guaranteed crowd-pleaser at any party. Comprised of salty cured meats, cheeses, fruits, nuts, crackers and whatever else your heart desires, charcuterie boards were searched for by Tennesseans 100 percent more in 2018.

Texas: Cuban Sandwich

The Cuban sandwich is a deli staple, but no one is loving it as much as Texas. This delicious combination of pork, cheese and mustard saw searches increasing by 60 percent in the Lonestar State, making it the biggest food trend in a place where everything is bigger.

Utah: Chicken Dumplings

In Utah, comfort food is everything right now, judging by the state’s trending food right now. “Chicken and dumplings” saw a 150 percent increase in searches in Utah last year, making it safe to say something warm and comforting is on the menu in Utah tonight.

Vermont: Gazpacho

While several states’ food habits are trending toward the warm and comforting, Vermont is going in the opposite direction. Gazpacho, a cold soup made of blended raw vegetables, is seriously on trend in Vermont right now, where it saw searches increase by 190 percent in 2018.

Virgina: Jackfruit

Jackfruit might just be the hottest food trend in the country, based on how many states love it right now. In Virginia, searches for “jackfruit” increased 90 percent in 2018.

Washington: Panna Cotta

Washington clearly has a sweet tooth. Panna Cotta, a popular Italian dessert made from gelatin and sweet cream, is Washington’s hottest food trend after an 80 percent increase in searches.

West Virgina: Foie Gras

Foie gras is a controversial food, but that hasn’t stopped it from being considered a delicacy in most of the world. In West Virginia, it’s the hottest food trend right now, after a 1,900 percent increase in searches.

Wisconsin: Tzatziki

Everyone’s going Greek in Wisconsin. Tzatziki, a fresh, creamy cucumber sauce popular with Greek and Mediterranean dishes, is the hottest food trend right now. “Tzatziki” saw a 110 percent increase in searches in Wisconsin last year.

Wyoming: Twice Baked Potatoes

Creamy, cheesy, buttery twice-baked potatoes are on trend in Wyoming, and is anyone even surprised? This delicious side dish saw a whopping 4,450 percent in searches last year, which means it’s the hottest food trend in Wyoming, and one of the hottest food trends anywhere.

The Hottest Food Trends in Canada's Provinces

Alberta, Manitoba, & Ontario: Cauliflower Pizza

Cauliflower pizza is so on trend, it’s the hottest food item in three of Canada’s provinces. And for good reason. Everyone loves pizza, and making the crust out of cauliflower makes it so healthy you could almost eat it every day. Almost. Cauliflower pizza saw search increases in Alberta, Manitoba and Ontario of 120 percent, 150 percent and 100 percent, respectively.

British Columbia: Avocado Toast

Avocado toast has long been a favorite healthy breakfast or snack among the millennial set. In trendy, young B.C., it’s taking off after a 150 percent increase in searches landed it at the top of the provinces hottest food trends.

Tangy, crunchy bread and butter pickles go great on burgers, sandwiches, salads and even just on their own. New Brunswick clearly knows this, because searches for “bread and butter pickles” increased in the province by 1,800 percent, making them New Brunswick’s hottest food trend of the year.

Newfoundland and Labrador: Goulash

Canada is known for its chilly winters, which makes it the perfect place to dig into some comfort food. In Newfoundland and Labrador, searches for “goulash” were up by 180 percent in 2018.

Northwest Territories: Pulled Pork

From barbecues to potlucks, pulled pork is always a crowd-pleaser. These smoky, saucy sandwiches topped the list of hottest food trends in the Northwest Territories.

Nunavut: Scallops

Consider most of the province is made up of islands, it’s no wonder seafood tops the list of hottest food trends in the Northern Canadian province of Nunavut. In particular, people there can’t seem to get enough of scallops right now.

Quebec: Coquille Saint-Jacques

Coquille Saint-Jacques, or giant scallop, is on trend right now in Quebec, where miles of arctic coastline are the perfect place to harvest this delicious shellfish. Searches for “coquille Saint-Jacques” were up 100 percent in 2018 in Quebec.

Saskatchewan: Sweet & Sour Meatballs

Hearty and delicious sweet and sour meatballs are having a moment in Saskatchewan, where searches for them spiked by 190 percent in the last year.

Yukon Territory: Banana Bread

Whether you prefer it as a breakfast or a dessert, there’s no denying that banana bread is delicious. In Yukon Territory, it’s also the hottest food trend after a 60 percent increase in searches throughout 2018.

If what people are Googling is any indication, the hottest food trends in every state and Canadian province are going to have a lot of mouths watering this year.

Bon appétit!

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