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June 29, 2020

New Feature: Chat Directly with Your Suppliers

New Feature: Chat Directly with Your Suppliers

You can chat directly with all your suppliers through the notch app!

We're here to show you around our latest feature with a quick FAQ!

How do I start using Chat?
Chat is available for any supplier that you have added to notch. To start chatting, go to a placed order on your orders screen and press ‘Chat’ to start a conversation.

How does my supplier get my messages?
Today we send all your messages as SMS or Emails to the contact information you’ve provided to us during your supplier setup.

Does my supplier need an app?
No! We’ll send your messages to them they way they want to receive them; you can keep all your communication in one place, but to them it will be like nothing has changed.

Who is answering my messages?
Whoever you normally communicate at your suppliers. Anytime anyone responds to your messages, you will get a response in the chat window, letting you see any conversations that happen between member of their staff (and yours!)

When can I use chat on Android?
This functionality is now available on all platforms!

I have more questions about how this works.
Reach out to us here
, we’d be more than happy to help.

Visit our Restaurant product pages for more feature details! 

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