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October 31, 2019

New Chicago Salad Supplier is a Game Changer

New Chicago Salad Supplier is a Game Changer
Header Photo Source: The New York Times

Farmer’s Fridge is a Chicago-based company that is completely changing the way we think about salads.

Offering salads and vegetable forward dishes can be challenging. These items have limited shelf-life, are costly and time-consuming to prep, and take up scarce resources. Yet, the demand for salad and healthy food continues to rise.

Farmer’s Fridge provides chef-curated salads that are ready in seconds and incredibly fresh. Farmer’s Fridge salads include high-end and local ingredients such as Publican Quality Bread, Carr Valley cheese, Rendleman Orchards peaches from Illinois, and Better Way Farms Michigan blueberries. It’s no surprise they were named one of the “Top 10 Best Salads in the City.”

Farmer’s Fridge salads were previously only available in automated fridges throughout the city. Now, restaurants can get their hands on the game-changing products by ordering Farmer’s Fridge salads! The salads are delivered jarred and ready to be poured out and served in less than 5 seconds. Chefs can serve as is or customize the salad mixes to add to their value.

Key benefits of adding Farmer’s Fridge to your menu:
  • Reduces prep-time meaning higher table turns
  • Increases ticket size by adding first course to the menu
  • Reduces salad labor time needed so kitchen can focus on other activities
  • Offers seasonal variety of products
When asked about the benefits, one local restaurant owner said, “By working with Farmer’s Fridge, I could offer high-end salad service with minimal distraction to the rest of my business.”

Local restaurant owners are quickly seeing the advantages of adding Farmer’s Fridge salads to their menus!

If you’d like to add Farmer’s Fridge to your store, please contact your account manager or get in touch with Support at

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