March 16, 2023

New Payment Processing, Approvals & More

New Payment Processing, Approvals & More

We’re upgrading our payments system

On Monday March 27th we’re making changes to our system, moving to Stripe as our payment  provider and rolling out approval settings for user roles. 

What this means for you

You’ll immediately get the benefits of one of the world’s largest and most secure payment processors. It will also mean your suppliers will get paid faster than before, helping to build a network that makes life easier for both you and your suppliers. 

You’ll also get the ability to apply payment approval requirements to your Notch account, letting you mirror how you make payments at every step. 

What steps you need to take

On March 27th, you may be asked to re-enter your saved credit card information. Because of the security measures from our new platform, and because we do not store your details ourselves, you’ll need to re-enter your details once. It will be saved moving forward.

We’ve sent instructions to your suppliers on how to set up the connection and receive payments on their side. 

Payments now need Approvals

Once this update is made, accounts with the roles Owner and Managers will be able to process and approve payments. For Staff accounts, approval must be granted by an Owner or Manager to complete a payment. When a Staff account selects an order for payment, Owner/ Manager accounts will receive a notification via email for approval, which they can release one by one or in bulk. 

If you wish to allow members of your account to approve and confirm payments, please review their account settings prior to March 27th. To review roles, log into notch, navigate to Settings and then ‘Members’ to review current roles related to your account. 

How can I be ready for the update?

To be ready for this change happening on March 27th, we’re recommending you take the following actions to avoid any disruption to your workflow.

  • Be ready to re-enter your details when requested on the bills page. Have your card handy when submitting your order. 
  • Review the connected roles that are part of your account
  • Review the approval process with other members of your team who use notch and explain any changes based on your current processes. 

What’s Stripe?

Stripe provides advanced security measures, fraud detection, and is trusted by companies like Google, Amazon, Instacart and Shopify, making it a secure and reliable payment partner for our, and your business.

Check out more information about stripe here https://stripe.com/en-ca 

New Role Functionality

As part of the upcoming transition please review your account to ensure your settings reflect your  expected process, and to avoid any disruptions to your workflow.

For Owners and Managers

If you are using Notch with the role of  Owner or Manager and have members with the role of Staff or Bookkeeper as part of your account, when they attempt to pay a bill they will be unable to do so without approval from you.

You will receive notifications of approval requests in your email. You can also view them on your bills page and select them to approve one by one or in bulk.

Audit your staff accounts

We recommend that you take a look at your staff accounts to make sure everybody associated with your account has the correct permission set.  To review roles, log into notch, navigate to Settings and then Members to review current roles related to your account. 

You can change roles sets on each individual account. If you would like an individual to be able to pay without asking for approval, please change their role to Manager.

For Staff or Bookkeepers

If you previously paid for orders using notch, and your role for this account is designated as Staff or Bookkeeper you will no longer be able to do so. continue to process payments the way that you normally would; however, before the final step you will be shown a message that alerts you that this order must be approved before it is able to be completed.

An Owner or Manager associated with your account will receive a notification after you have completed this step. At this point it is up to them to complete the approval and complete the transaction. 

If you normally process payments without approval, speak to a manager in your account to update your role.

I’d like to talk to someone

Reach out anytime via support@notch.financial, or by contacting your rep.

Chris Arnett
Senior Marketing Manager

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