Butcher shop software

Grow your meat distribution business and spend less time chasing payments

Get paid on time without having to manually track down and process payments–all while automatically keeping your existing accounting platform updated–with Notch’s butcher software.

Accounts receivable and accounts payable automation software for butchers and meat distributors.

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Trusted by the food and beverage industry across Canada

Butcher Shop Software for Accounting

Spend less time on paperwork and manually tracking down payments,
so you can focus on the meat of running your business.

Invoice management for butchers

Cut time spent sending invoices from hours down to minutes

Why waste time in the office sending off invoices one by one to your customers? Notch automates invoice distribution to your butcher shop’s customers.

With Notch’s Customer Portal, your customers can see their up-to-date statement of accounts on-demand – allowing them to view their invoices, add payment details, and make payments completely online.

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Meat distribution accounts receivable

Say goodbye to manual payment processing, for good

Manual payment processing is a time suck. If your customers’ payment details aren’t stored securely or you’re waiting on them to push payment, you’re at risk of getting paid late or not at all.

With Notch, you can safely and securely store your customers’ payment details so you can pull payments on a scheduled or agreed-upon date.

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Automate payment reminders

Never chase down a payment again

Hours spent sending reminders about upcoming or overdue payments take away valuable time that could be spent growing your butcher shop’s customer base or engaging with your community.

Notch’s invoice chase automates these payment reminders, giving you time in your day to focus on what matters.

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How butcher accounting automation works


AP Automation


Scan and store invoices
from vendors


Automate cash application
in accounting system


Automate GL coding in
accounting system


Dual-sync data with
accounting, ERP and IMS


Push payments and pay
your invoices via credit
card, EFT/ACH, and PAD


AR Automation


Integrate with your ERP
system to send invoices


Send embedded
payment links


Auto-collect and process
payments online with
competitive rates


Sync AR payments with
accounting system


Send automated payment

Explore Notch's meat distribution
accounting software

Bills & Invoices

Pay bills and get invoices paid, faster

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Data Sync

Automatically update your accounting, inventory and ERP systems from one integrated platform

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Streamline your payments process

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Understanding the Top Accounting Platforms for Meat Distribution

With the sheer volume of transactions in the meat distribution industry, using an online accounting system is vital. 

Determine which platform best suits the needs of your distribution business, with a feature and pricing breakdown of the top systems on the market.

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I would advocate for this technology to anyone in our industry who is still putting pen to paper. While we still do business the old-fashioned way, we’re using technology to help us do our jobs quicker and less administratively.

Stacey Weisberg
President, The Butcher Shoppe

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