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Accounting, inventory and ERP integrations that centralize operations

Whether you're paying, collecting, or both, our integrations seamlessly unify your existing inventory management and AR/AP accounting systems.
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Featured integration

QuickBook Online

  • Sync and store invoice GL codes and key accounting data continuously for an up-to-date view
  • Apply cash application and bills to QBO for accurate accounting
  • Share paid status, voids and refunds back to QBO

Sync orders with your Inventory Management System (IMS)

Optimum Control

Sync bill payments and invoices sent with your Accounting Platform

Accounts Receivable Integrations
QuickBooks Online
QuickBooks Desktop
Food Decision Software
Accounts Payable Integrations
QuickBooks Online
QuickBooks Desktop
Big Chip

Streamline operations with
Notch's ERP integrations

Microsoft Dynamics 365
New Feature

Say goodbye to tedious manual work and hello to getting paid on time with Batch Invoice Processing

Automate your accounts receivable and send digital payment links using Notch’s new Batch Invoice Processing. No complicated integrations or system overhauls required. Just export your invoices from your current ERP, upload and sync into Notch, and we’ll handle the rest.

Based on labour savings alone, we should see a significant advantage. It can mean a sous chef is out of the office and on the line, and it saves them time at the end of the day.

Eric Schrank
Manager of Business
Operations, Oliver & Bonacini

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