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Notch & Quickbooks

True end-to-end accounts payable automation for your process, with seamless integration into all your systems, including Quickbooks.

  • Replace stacks of paper with clean, digital records.
  • Matches your GL¬†codes, processes and existing systems.
  • Set up in minutes with a seamless integration.


Snap a photo, connect your systems, or place your orders through the Notch platform. We extract the data accurately and map to your GL codes.

Approve & Pay

Review your data from a single dashboard, request approvals and edits. When you're happy, pay with one button click.


Notch sends your data back to Quickbooks, and any other systems to ensure your data is up to place no matter where you look for it.

Your processes, just faster.

Spend your time growing your business instead of doing paperwork.


reduction in time spent manually inputting data and updating systems


reduction in errors made during manual data entry
Trusted by brands all over Canada

Setup in under an hour.

Most of our partners are fully connected to Quickbooks and syncing invoices in under an hour. You continue to use Quickbooks the way you do today, but with data synced across all your systems.

Time is money, why not save both?

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