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Notch & Netsuite

Automate your accounts receivables process and sync data between every system you use, including Netsuite.

  • No more swiping cards—securely store and process customer’s cards with a click.
  • Automate billing, get notified of expiring cards, send payment links and sort invoices by customer.
  • Integrates into your process in a few minutes with a direct, secure integration. 

Connect your System

Get started with a simple setup that takes a few minutes, not a few months. Your customer data will be synced as it enters your system.

Process and Charge

Bill manually, or automatically using our world-class payments system. Customers send you funds with a few clicks, deposited securely into your account.


Notch sends your data back to Netsuite to ensure your data is up to date.

Your processes, just faster.

Focus on growing your business instead of your accounting workload.


Reduction in manual processes around credit card processing, data entry, followups and cash application.


Improvement in DSO, freeing up significant capital for their businesses to invest in growth.
Trusted by brands all over Canada

Setup in under an hour.

Most of our partners are fully connected to Netsuite and syncing invoices in under an hour. You continue to use Netsuite the way you do today.

Time is money, why not save both?

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