notch AR manager

Leave the manual data entry to us.

Save hours every week by automating data entry and card processing, while giving customers more convenient ways to pay.

Digital invoices
No more swiping CCs
Integrates with your systems
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Reduce manual entry by 6 hours every week.

Paper invoices, a pain in your past.

Automated data entry

Free up your team’s time by pulling digital invoices directly into your system

  • Import invoices and files automatically and eliminate the manual entry
  • Map invoice workflows seamlessly into your accounting systems
  • Eliminate the physical swipe of credit cards for every transaction, with secure credit card billing with full encryption

Improved payments

Optimize your cash flow with immediate payments from your customers

  • Give your customer more choices to pay including CC, ACH/EFT, and terms, shortening payment times
  • Allow customers to set automated and batch payments for extra speed and convenience
  • Enjoy our group credit card processing rates - let us match or even beat what you’re currently paying with generic providers

Full control of your accounts receivable

Easily manage all your accounts receivable data and processes

  • View all order status and histories in the only dashboard designed for distributors
  • Automate payment requests, cash applications, refunds to streamline AR processes
  • Sync with your existing systems like QuickBooks Online, Quickbooks Desktop, Fidelio and FDS for a seamless workflow

By working with notch, The Butcher Shoppe saved thousands of dollars and freed up the 3 people working 6 days a week, from data entry to customer facing, value-driven work.

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“I would advocate for this technology to anyone in our industry who is still putting pen to paper. While we still do business the old-fashioned way, we’re using technology to help us do our jobs quicker and less administratively. notch has freed up an unbelievable amount of time.

Stacey Weisberg, President of The Butcher Shoppe
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