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Payments processing.

Save hours a week by automating data entry and card processing, while giving customers more convenient ways to pay.

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Reduce manual entry by hours every week.

Time saving automation software designed specifically for your wholesale business.

Payments Processing

How it works


Your orders and invoices flow into notch from your existing accounting or ordering systems.


Select customers to bill one at a time, or in a batch, or set accounts to auto-bill when terms are due.


notch sends your customer a notification that payment has been processed.


notch syncs immediately with your systems with payment status and customer details.

Automatic data entry

Invoice Entry
Free up your team's time by pulling digital invoices directly from your system without the need to re-enter values, helping your systems work smarter.

Secure CC Billing
notch securely saves and encrypts data on one of the world's largest and most secure credit card networks, eliminating the need to manually swipe card every time an order is billed.

Immediate payment

More Options for Customers
Provide your customers with more ways to pay, and in turn get paid faster, improving cashflow and removing risk.

Lower Rates
Enjoy our group CC processing rates; let us match or even beat what you're currently paying with generic providers.

Make your data easier to use

Dashboard Designed for Distributors
View order histories. Bill in batches or individually. All statues in one place. notch is the only system designed with F&B distributors to give you what you need and nothing you don't.

Sync with your Systems
notch unlocks the power of your systems by automating repetitive tasks, like requesting payments, cash applications, refunds and more, while giving you the control to manage processes your way.

Streamlined ordering

Digital Orders
Streamline your customer's order experience through the easy-to-use app and website. Accept, update and process orders quickly from one central tool.

Historical Data
notch automatically saves and organizes orders and customer history so you'll always have everything you need on hand.

Digital catalog

Your Items
List your entire catalog for your customers to browse and discover; provide everything you offer at their fingertips.

Stock Notifications
Easily list SKUs as out of stock; share your list and descriptions and we'll turn them into up-to-date listings.

Connected systems

Communications consolidated
Chat with your customers from one centralized location, with their order history and details on hand for reference.

Built for the standard
Plug and play with leading industry software, with more direct and secure integrations being rolled out every week.

fully connected
Integrates with your systems directly.
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Saving distributors 3 people working 6 days a week...

See how The Butcher Shoppe, a premier distributor handling 800 orders a day, saved thousands of dollars by using notch for ordering and AR processing & payments.

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