Seamless BOH integrations.

Integrate with your existing restaurant inventory management and accounting systems.

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Your supply chain systems working in harmony.

Ordering, tracking, managing, reconciling, and paying.

Orders with broadliners

We've built EDI integrations into all of the key broadline distributors, so you conveniently have them in one spot. Your POs convert to invoices once you receive your order. Enjoy mistake-free, centralized ordering through one app.

Orders synced to inventory

notch connects with your restaurant inventory management systems (IMS) including Optimum Control, Market Man, Compeat, and Sculpture. Every order updates your inventory levels auto-magically. No waiting for invoices. No manual entry. No paperwork. Accurate. Fast. Real-time.

Orders synced to books

notch syncs all orders, invoices, and payments to your accounting systems, like QuickBooks Online. There's no need to reconcile invoices to the books. No paper invoices. No manual entry. No time wasted.

CAse study

notch & Optimum Control reducing labour costs

See how a leading restaurant group streamlined ordering and connected automatically to accurate, robust inventory management.

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