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Your restaurant operations. Online.

Easily manage your orders, invoices and payments for supplies online.


Reduce manual entry by hours every week

Time saving automation to help you order, invoice and pay all suppliers from one app. Built by restaurants. For restaurants.

1. Order

Ditch the texts, the calls and the DMs. Place all your orders with all your suppliers from one app.

Centralized ordering

All your suppliers, all your orders in one spot. Imagine that. Mark your favourites, check order statuses, manage changes with a swipe and a click. Fast. Efficient.

Digital catalog

Easily access supplier catalogs with the most up-to-date pricing and selection. Calculate real-time food costs without the paperwork. No more guessing at availability and pricing.

Online chat

Message your suppliers directly from the app. Include a photo. Ask a question. No need to send a text or find a time before your shift to send an email or make a call.

2. Invoice

See all your orders in one spot. Never double-order again. Your team will be completely in sync.

Real-time confirmations

Receive instant confirmations when orders are placed. Know exactly what's been placed and when it's received.

Verified deliveries

Never worry about lost orders again. Verify what was delivered and alert suppliers about errors and shortages on the spot.

'Anywhere' invoices

Snap a photo and easily save invoices on the cloud for everyone on the team to access.

IMS synced

Orders are directly synced with your inventory management system. No more manual entry. Just accurate inventory.

3. Pay

Say 'goodbye' to paper invoices and manual entry. All your invoices sync'ed auto-magically.

Effortlessly online

No more manual entry. Online invoices are routed to you automatically after the kitchen places the order and verifies the order received.

One-click payments

Manage all your payments through one app. Pay with a credit card or EFT. Even schedule automated or batch payments for extra convenience.

Connected systems

Synced with your existing restaurant inventory management system (IMS) and accounting systems. No manual entry. Smooth. Seamless.

Full Features List
Centralized ordering
Order confirmation
Online payments
Digital catalogs
Order status
One-click payments
Order history
Credit card, EFT
Online chat
Verified deliveries
Auto payments
Order delegation
Online invoicing
Batch payments
Cart view
IMS integrations
(Optimum Control, MarketMan, Compeat, Sculpture)
Accounting integrations
(QuickBooks, Sage)

Saving restaurants $12,000/yr+

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Saving labor costs & keeping chefs happy

"notch gives us a vision over everything. My team can go into every single restaurant and see what everyone's ordered. Just based on the labor savings alone, we see a significant advantage."

Erik Schrank
Manager, Business Operations, Oliver & Bonacini

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