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Reconcile & pay invoices online.

Eliminate paper invoices and streamline your restaurant accounting.

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Reduce manual entry by 6 hours every week.

Paper invoices, a pain in your past.

Easy, digital invoices

No more typing out every paper invoice that comes in. With digital invoices, control approval of each transaction and stay on top of your cash flow. Quickly see and resolve invoice issues in real-time - no more chasing down credit memos.

Real-time visibility

Get full line-of-sight into all purchases. See order invoice status, cash flow overview, credit notices and more. You're in full control.

One-click payments

Manage all your payments through one product. Pay multiple invoices at the click of a button. Pay with credit card or ACH/EFT. Even schedule automated payments for recurring invoices. Easy peasy. Lemon squeezy.

Seamlessly connected systems

Connect your purchasing to your existing restaurant inventory management, and accounting systems, including Optimum Control, Market Man, QuickBooks, Sage, and more. Smooth. Seamless.

Making acountants' lives a bit easier.

"It is easy to answer how notch has impacted our business in one word: simplified. They have taken the hassle out of ordering and negotiating with suppliers for us, allowing us to focus on giving our customers the best possible experience."

Time is money.

See how notch can save you both.

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